keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2016

One year of blogging done, many to come

Aloitin tämän blogin kirjoittamisen reilu vuosi sitten tarkoituksenani jakaa "ajatuksiani juomien valmistamisesta, niiden historiasta, raaka-aineista, ravintoloista, nautiskelusta ja herkuttelusta", kuten kirjoitin ensimmäiseen tekstiini vuoden 2015 kesäkuussa. Juttuja on tähän mennessä kertynyt 52 kappaletta. Tämä tuntuu huimaavalta määrältä ottaen huomioon kuinka usein olen potenut huonoa omaatuntoa siitä, etten ole kerinnyt työkiireiltä kirjoittamaan! Olen onnellinen siitä, että olen saanut jakaa näitä juttuja kanssanne, ja jotta lukemaan pääsisi yhä useampi, olen suunnitellut kirjoittavani jatkossa mahdollisimman paljon englanniksi. 

I began to write this blog about a year ago. My goal was to "share my thoughts about preparing drinks, their history, ingredients, restaurants, savoring and gourmandism" as I wrote in my first blog post in the June of 2015. Since then I have written 52 posts. This feels like a humongous amount when compared to how often I have felt guilty for not writing because of all the hustle at work! I am very pleased for being able to share my thoughts with you, and in order to ensure that even more people can read my texts I have decided to start writing more in English in the future. 

There is plenty of things going on in my life right now. I have been working in A21 Decades for almost a year now and I feel that I have grown a lot as a bartender. Taking part in cocktail competitions like Nikka Perfect Serve, Bacardi Legacy, Helsinki Cocktail Competition and Sidecar by Merlet have been building both my confidence and passion. The highlight of the year must have been our glorious victory in Reykjavik Bar Summit with A21 team! I love bartending, but this year of writing and taking pictures for my blog has inspired me to take my career to a new direction: I started to study visual journalism this autumn. I'll still spend all my weekends behind the bar, but you'll see me more often also strolling the streets of Helsinki with my Nikon ready for action. 

Besides school and work I will be spending my time doing yoga and foraging in forest. Many cool projects are coming up, and one of the most exciting ones is being part of Helsinki based girl bartender collective Birdtenders. You can follow our actions in Instagram, @Birdtenders salute you!

Pictures of me: Pauliina Marjanen
Group photo: Laura Nissinen